Off Amazon

Now that Amazon is using its power as an internet application host to silence political speech I think it’s time to start seriously looking for alternatives. I know it’s a hassle to look for and learn to use different sites, but power corrupts, and huge companies like Amazon are just way too powerful. If you value freedom, you will support smaller companies over the big ones, just to prevent one company from dominating.

  • general shopping.
  • Walmart: general shopping + groceries.
  • groceries.
  • Microcenter: computers and electronics.
  • B&H: electronics and photography.
  • BAM: general books, including ebooks.
  • Thriftbooks: used books.
  • Project Guttenberg: free ebooks. (Lots of old and out-of-copyright ebooks. I highly recommend reading older titles to help shake you out of your present culture and see more alternatives.)

If you have additional suggestions, leave them in the comments and I’ll update the post.